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ESP-NOW User Guide

This document introduces the ESP-NOW technology developed by Espressif. The document focuses on ESP-NOW features, their uses and the demo code.

PDF V1.0 2016.07.20
ESP-Prog Reference Design

Schematics, PCB layout, Gerber and BOM files of ESP-Prog, a debug tool.

ZIP V2.1-r1.0 2020.02.27
ESP-PSRAM16H Datasheet

This datasheet provides the specifications of ESP-PSRAM16H.

PDF V1.0 2020.04.15
ESP-PSRAM64 & ESP-PSRAM64H Datasheet

This document provides the specs of ESP-PSRAM64 & ESP-PSRAM64H.

PDF V1.0 2018.06.15
ESP-Skainet Introduction
HTML latest 2019.11.19
ESP-Skainet Voice Recognition Development Guide

ESP-Skainet is Espressif's intelligent voice assistant, which currently supports the Wake Word Engine and Speech Commands Recognition.

HTML latest 2020.03.30
ESP-TOUCH for Android Code

Make device connect to AP

Android latest 2015.09.06


IOS latest 2015.09.06
ESP-TOUCH User Guide

This document introduces ESP-TOUCH protocol and the relevant application.

PDF V2.0 2018.06.08
ESP-Tuning Tool for TouchSensor

This ESP-Tuning Tool is a tool for monitoring touchpad readings. For a good TouchSensor design, it is necessary to monitor touchpad readings, such as raw count value, baseline value and deviation of the count value, for calibration and debugging, and, most importantly, for evaluating the touch system performance in terms of Sensitivity, SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio) and Channel Coupling.

ZIP V1.0 2018.09.21
ESP-WHO Face Recognition Development Guide

ESP-WHO is a face detection and recognition platform that is currently based on Espressif Systems' ESP32 chip.

HTML latest 2020.03.28
ESP-WIFI-MESH Development Guide

ESP-MDF, or Espressif Mesh Development Framework, is a development framework for ESP-WIFI-MESH, a networking protocol built on top of the Wi-Fi protocol. ESP-MDF is based on the ESP32 chip.

HTML latest 2020.03.28
ESP-WROOM-02 Datasheet

This document introduces the readers to the hardware specifications of ESP-WROOM-02.

PDF V3.1 2019.12.12
ESP-WROOM-02 PCB Design and Module Placement Guide

This application note describes the recommended placement of the antenna on a host board to ensure optimal RF performance.

PDF V1.0 2016.06.30
ESP-WROOM-02 Reference Design

ESP-WROOM-02 hardware downloading resources, manufacturing specifications, BOM, schematics.

ZIP V1.1 2020.01.15

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