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ESP-WROOM-02 Datasheet

This document introduces the readers to the hardware specifications of ESP-WROOM-02.

PDF V3.1 2019.12.12
Espressif Products 
Ordering Information

Espressif Products
 Ordering Information

PDF V3.0 2019.11.01
ESP8266 Hardware Design Guidelines

The ESP8266 Hardware Design Guidelines outlines recommended design practices when developing standalone or add-on systems based on the ESP8266 series of products, including the ESP8266, the ESP-WROOM modules, and ESP-Launcher—the development board.

PDF V2.6 2018.12.24
ESP-WROOM-02 Reference Design

ESP-WROOM-02 hardware downloading resources, manufacturing specifications, BOM, schematics.

ZIP V1.0 2018.05.07
ESP-WROOM-02 PCB Design and Module Placement Guide

This application note describes the recommended placement of the antenna on a host board to ensure optimal RF performance.

PDF V1.0 2016.06.30

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