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ESP-TOUCH for Android Code

Make device connect to AP

Android latest 2015.09.06


IOS latest 2015.09.06
Notification for iOS Code

APNs demo for iOS

IOS latest 2015.09.11
Notification for iOS IPA

APNs demo for iOS

IOS latest 2015.09.11
ESP8266 IOT Platform

A demo that should be run with ESP8266 RTOS SDK. This is the Initial version.

RTOS V1.0 2015.09.18
WebSocket for Android Code

WebSocket demo for Android

Android latest 2015.09.21
WebSocket for Android APK

WebSocket demo for Android

Android latest 2015.09.21
WebSocket for iOS Code

WebSocket demo for iOS

IOS latest 2015.09.24
WebSocket for iOS IPA

WebSocket demo for IOS

IOS latest 2015.09.24
ESP8266 RTOS SDK v1.4.0


1. Update boot.bin to v1.5;

2. Add wifi_station_set/get_hostname API;

3. Update SmartConfig to version 2.5.3;

4. Support GPIO wakeup;

5. Enable IGMP in LWIP;

6. Add espconn_init in espconn.h;

7. Update esp_init_data_default.bin;

8. IROM start address changed to 0x20000.

RTOS SDK V1.4.0 2016.02.26
ESP8266 NONOS SDK V1.5.3


1. Supported ISSI flash.
2. SmartConfig updated to version 2.5.4, solved the issue that AirKiss may fail in certain cases.
3. AT updated to version 1.00.
4. Added lwip_open_src_template_proj in ESP8266_NONOS_SDK\examples for open source LWIP.
5. Added SPI driver, refer to ESP8266_NONOS_SDK\driver_lib\driver\spi_interface.c.
6. Removed the limitation of freedom sending unencrypted beacon/probe req/probe resp.
NON-OS SDK V1.5.3 2016.04.18
ESP8266 Flash RW Operation

This document provide ESP8266 Flash read & write introduction.

PDF v1.0 2016.04.22
ESP8266 Add Low-power Cmd

Provides low-power command added to binaries.

Python V2.0 2016.04.27
ESP8266 NONOS SDK V1.5.4


1. Updated libphy.a to version 972.
2. Updated libpp.a to version 10.1.
3. Optimized IGMP function.
4. Optimized DNS function.
5. Optimized WPS function.
6. Optimized DHCP server function.
NON-OS SDK V1.5.4 2016.05.20
ESP8266 RTOS SDK v1.3.3 Patch_20160704

This patch is based on the ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.0(68c9e7b4) and contains all changes updated within ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.1(095c975c) and ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.2(86e315aa). When this patch is used, .a files in this patch shall replace corresponding files under the SDK/lib Folder.


1. Fix station leave issue in softap mode.(Resolved in ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.1)
2. Resolved an issue that RF_Init_data sector may be broken in stress test. Provided a function “user_rf_cal_sector_set” which has to be added in application by software developer. More details about user_rf_cal_sector_set refer to documentation “2C-ESP8266__SDK__API Guide”.(Resolved in ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.2) 
3. Fix a potential risk that will cause rf not work after external reset.(Resolved in ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.3)
4. Modify 112 byte of esp_init_data_default.bin, 0x03->0x00, turn off auto freq correction.(Resolved in ESP8266_RTOS_SDK_V1.3.3)
Attention: Please refer to “user_main.c” in the zip for “user_rf_cal_sector_set” sample code.

ESP8266_RTOS_SDK Note:

1. esp_init_data.bin has to be downloaded into flash at least once.
2. Download blank.bin to initialize the sector stored RF_CAL parameter (set by user_rf_cal_sector_set), and download esp_init_data.bin into flash, when the system needs to be initialized, or RF needs to be calibrated again.
RTOS SDK V1.3.3 2016.07.04

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