“Emme”: A New Robot Based on ESP-WROOM-32

Shanghai, China
Jun 2, 2017

A new robotic project based on ESP-WROOM-32 has just been launched on Kickstarter by Salvador Hurtado Alia.

Emme" is a two-wheel robotic gadget with a unique shape, which can have an external camera attached to it and record videos or take pictures. With ESP-WROOM-32 embedded in it, “Emme” operates over Wi-Fi and/or BLE. This enables the robot to work without cables or connectors. Also, its wheels can function as a motorized tripod head which controls the camera’s movement, allowing it to take panoramic and time-lapse pictures.

Neodymium magnets make assembling the robot extremely easy. It is also highly convertible, as its 3D-printed components can be easily adjusted or replaced, making the device suitable for use on urban streets, rough terrains, water and even under water. The other components of “Emme” include: lithium-ion polymer batteries, brushless motors, RGB lights, and a three-axis accelerometer. 

Additionally, the built-in GPS navigation system enables “Emme” to follow its user and record videos or take photographs along the same path, provided that the user carries a connected GPS module, too. Alternatively, the device can be controlled via the so-called prism, a remote controller that derives its name from its shape.

“Emme” comes as a ready-to-run kit, or as a do-it-yourself package containing instructions on how to put the robot together and which add-ons to select. Salvador’s motto is: “technology is not complicated”, and his “Emme” certainly provides evidence for his claim. 

This project has been launched on Kickstarter since June 1st, 2017. 

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