ESP32-PICO-MINI-02U is a small-sized powerful Wi-Fi+Bluetooth®+Bluetooth® LE MCU module. It is based on ESP32-PICO-V3-02, a System-in-Package (SiP) device, which integrates an 8 MB SPI flash, 2 MB SPI Pseudo static RAM (PSRAM) and 40 MHz oscillator. This module targets a wide variety of IoT applications, ranging from home automation, smart building, consumer electronics to industrial control, and it is suitable for intelligent speakers, speech recognition toys, intelligent gateway and Ethernet, etc.

ESP32-PICO-V3-02 13.2x11.2x 2.4
8 MB embedded in chip 2 MB embedded in chip IPEX antenna connector ESP32-PICO-DevKitM-2

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