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Espressif Promoted to Board Member in Connectivity Standards Alliance

Shanghai, China
Jul 24, 2023

Espressif's new status as a Board and Promoter Member will allow the company to further shape Alliance standards, such as Matter, as well as connect with a wide developer community and diverse customer base.

Espressif Systems, a world-leading wireless microcontroller and IoT-solution provider, together with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (a global organization of over 620 companies working together to simplify and coordinate the Internet-of-Things industry), announced today that Espressif Systems will be joining the Alliance's Board of Directors as a Promoter Member. Thus, Espressif, which has already been an active member of the Alliance, will enhance its participation and leadership by contributing its expertise in Wireless Microcontrollers and IoT Solutions towards the Alliance's initiatives, which aim at creating global, open-source standards, and a common language for connected devices by different brands.

Espressif has been an early adopter and an active contributor to the Alliance's protocols by formalising, for example, the Matter specification and implementation. It has played a crucial role in facilitating the widespread adoption of the Matter Standard by numerous customers, providing them with timely support. Additionally, it has raised awareness of the Standard through diverse ways of communication, such as blogposts, webinars, and even roadshows with working demos of different Matter device types.

"As a member-driven organization, it is the depth and breadth of their collective capabilities as well as diverse global membership that is the catalyst for the next generation of IoT innovations and certifications," said about Espressif Mr Tobin Richardson, President and CEO, Connectivity Standards Alliance. "We are elated to have Espressif Systems as a new Promoter and member of our Board of Directors. With their focus on making it easier for the ‘long tail’ of developers to build IoT products, they will bring a unique perspective on how to drive standards adoption and IoT growth."

Teo Swee Ann, Founder and CEO of Espressif Systems, said on this occasion:"We are looking forward to joining forces with other esteemed Alliance members, collaborating with them closely to represent the diverse perspectives and needs of our community. By leveraging our position as a world-leading provider of wireless microcontrollers and IoT solutions, we are excited to actively contribute to shaping global, open-source standards, and driving the future of seamless connectivity. Espressif's expertise, 'open-source DNA', and innovative technologies, particularly our comprehensive solutions for developing Matter-enabled devices, will play a vital role in simplifying and harmonizing the smart-home experience for end-consumers. We are honoured to have the opportunity to align ourselves with this esteemed Alliance and contribute to its continued success.”

Simplifying the Adoption of Matter

Espressif, with its unique combination of connectivity SoCs, software, and comprehensive solutions, makes it easy for customers to build Matter-enabled, smart-home devices of various types. More specifically, Espressif provides support for Wi-Fi or Thread end-point devices, Thread Border Routers, and Matter-gateway reference designs.

To further simplify product development and manufacturing for customers, Espressif can provide unique solutions and services, such as DAC Pre-provisioning, the Certification Assistance Program, and ESP-ZeroCode, which are expected to revolutionise Matter-enabled product development by providing a hassle-free, one-stop turnkey solution for a variety of Standard-supporting device types. Espressif's offerings will enable a wide variety of customers to start building Matter-supported devices with ease.

If you want to learn more about Espressif’s Matter solutions and services, please contact our customer support team, who will try and assist you as soon as possible.

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