ESP-BLE-MESH Is Now Fully Certified by Bluetooth-SIG

Shanghai, China
Oct 31, 2019

Espressif is pleased to announce that ESP-BLE-MESH has been fully SIG-certified, as of September 2019.

ESP-BLE-MESH is Espressif's implementation of the SIG Bluetooth Mesh. It supports all SIG Bluetooth Mesh Features, Server Models and Client Models. It is a portable and scalable embedded software solution that operates with the Espressif series of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi micro-controller units.

Ever since the initial SIG certification that ESP-BLE-MESH received at the beginning of 2019, Espressif has been committed to improving its ESP-BLE-MESH SDK even further. Hence, on September 24th, ESP-BLE-MESH became fully certified by the Bluetooth SIG.

The following figures show the main functions supported by ESP-BLE-MESH:

Espressif is one of only a few chip companies that have obtained full SIG certification for their Bluetooth LE-Mesh solutions. So, in order to help all users take advantage of the several benefits that its ESP-BLE-MESH solution offers, Espressif has prepared a series of tutorials:

Coming soon: 

Furthermore, ESP32 can realize the coexistence of Bluetooth LE Mesh and Wi-Fi, so that the ESP-BLE-MESH node can control not just the nodes in the Bluetooth LE Mesh network, but also get connected to a number of Cloud platforms. This way, customers can choose the cloud platform they prefer and quickly materialize a one-stop development for their Bluetooth LE Mesh applications.

ESP-BLE-MESH Application Scenario

ESP-BLE-MESH can be used in conjunction with other Espressif AIoT solutions, such as the ESP-Skainet voice assistant, which is based on Espressif’s audio development framework, ESP-ADF. With a simple wake-up work, “Hi Le Xin” (transliterated from the Chinese "嗨乐鑫" which translates as “Hi Espressif”) users can control their smart lights, air conditioners, microwave ovens and laundry machines, or connect their smart devices with one another.

ESP-WHO’s face-detection/recognition function allows smart-home devices to recognize users and their habits, ultimately facilitating their everyday lives. The combination of ESP-WHO with ESP-BLE-MESH allows all smart devices in a room to switch to the user’s preferences as soon as the user enters their home.

You can now find the core code and examples of ESP-BLE-MESH on GitHub . The complete version of ESP-BLE-MESH will be updated on ESP-IDF soon, so stay tuned!

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