ESP EYE on WeChat

Shanghai, China
Apr 4, 2019

ESP-EYE is currently being featured on China’s biggest social-media platform, which has more than a billion monthly active users.

WeChat is owned by the Chinese tech giant Tencent and has more than a billion monthly users, just behind Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger. But it offers so much more than just instant messaging. WeChat allows its users to do everything from paying  bills to booking flights and hotels or using the subway. One of its key features is called Mini Programs, which are apps within WeChat.

Everyone who lives in China knows that WeChat Mini Programs are currently among the biggest trends in e-commerce. So, Espressif, as a top WeChat influencer in the Chinese AIoT industry, has developed its own mini program that is dedicated to its brand new AI development board, ESP-EYE. The purpose of this mini program is to promote further our dev board and its main functions, e.g. image transmission, face detection, face recognition, face ID enrollment and face ID management. Please note, however, that due to WeChat restrictions, the name of our board will appear there as "ESP EYE" (without a hyphen).

In fact, the ESP EYE mini program enhances the experience of our AI development board by offering yet another platform for interacting with it. To use this mini program, both the user’s smartphone and the ESP-EYE board must be connected to the same router over a BluFi network. Then, using the ESP EYE mini program is actually self-explanatory. By clicking “play”, users can begin transmitting images captured by ESP-EYE. With “face detection”, the board starts detecting human faces through its camera.  “Enter face” is for entering and customizing face IDs. Finally, “face recognition” does exactly what it says. When the board detects an unrecognizable face, instead of showing a known ID on the screen, it displays “WHO?”

ESP-EYE supports the input of multiple face IDs through the “Face ID Management” function. Users can view their ID records and remove any IDs they wish or clear all of them in a single click.


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