Espressif and Temboo Partner to Empower Everyone to Benefit from the Internet of Things

Shanghai, China
Aug 30, 2019

Temboo’s Kosmos IoT System now supports the ESP32 SoC from Espressif.

Espressif, a public multinational fabless semiconductor company, has partnered with Temboo, an enterprise IoT software leader, to offer support for ESP32 on the Kosmos IoT System.

The integration of Espressif’s popular ESP32 line with Temboo’s award-winning Kosmos IoT Platform will allow users to research, design, and build the next generation of connected products with access to sensor data.

Espressif’s commitment to offering IoT hardware that is secure, robust, and power-efficient is aligned with Temboo’s mission to empower everyone to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world by using the Internet of Things.

“Espressif SoCs are both easy to use and extremely powerful, which has made them a perfect fit for our Kosmos IoT System. We’re excited to work with Espressif and offer their customers an enterprise IoT software platform that is equally robust and user-friendly.” said Trisala Chandaria, Co-Founder and CEO of Temboo. “With our Kosmos IoT platform, ESP32 developers can automatically generate all the code they need to connect their ESP32s to the Cloud in minutes and immediately start taking advantage of Kosmos’s data visualization, notifications, and machine learning-driven predictive features.”

Espressif’s Founder and CEO Teo Swee Ann said: “Espressif and Kosmos share the same passion for innovation that solves real problems in a scalable way. We’re most honored to be collaborating with Kosmos in their IoT software platform to bring to our users a new value proposition.”

Temboo’s Kosmos IoT System enables organizations of all sizes to remotely monitor, control, manage, and acquire data from connected sensors, products, and actuators. The platform provides data visualization, over-the-air updates, alerts and notifications, insights, predictions for future sensor states and more.

Kosmos is designed to be easy to use and set up, thanks to Temboo’s technology for generating machine code. Even people who are not seasoned software or hardware engineers are quickly able to connect hardware to the Internet and  gain powerful insights into how their world really works.

Temboo is currently offering a free trial of the Kosmos IoT System with ESP32 on their website,

About Temboo: Temboo’s mission is to empower more people and organizations to build physical computing systems at the intersection of hardware, software, and human aspiration.

Temboo’s software has been selected by TI, Samsung, and others, to be included in their chipsets and developer environments, and has shipped millions of devices all over the world. Last year, Temboo received the award for the Most Innovative Manufacturing Technology from the IET Innovation Awards and they’ve previously been chosen by Forbes as one of the top IoT startups to watch for.

In 2018, Temboo released Kosmos, the first end-to-end Software-as-a-Service for building complete Internet of Things systems. Kosmos enables people, businesses, and communities to more easily implement Internet-connected sensors, actuators, and machinery in their products, processes, and facilities. Innovative organizations in industries like wastewater management, alternative energy, and more, can use Kosmos to gain instant, actionable information through a cutting-edge IoT platform featuring the latest developments in machine learning and sensor data collection technologies.

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Temboo Press Contact: Jessica Califano,

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