ESP32-S2-based FeatherS2 Released

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Oct 30, 2020

This ESP32-S2-based board features 8MB of PSRAM, 16MB of flash storage, two 3.3V LDOs, an RGB LED, a light sensor, and more.

Unexpected Maker, or Seon Rozenblum, has officially released the FeatherS2, which is a tiny board equipped with Espressif Systems’ ESP32-S2, featuring 16 MB of SPI Flash, 8 MB of PSRAM, several I/O, and a USB-C port for power and programming.

Features & Specifications

    • 32-bit 240 MHz single-core processor
    • 16 MB SPI Flash
    • 8 MB extra PSRAM
    • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi - 802.11b/g/n
    • 3D antenna
    • 2x 700 mA 3.3 V LDO regulator
    • Optimised power path for low-power battery usage
    • LiPo battery management
    • Power (red), Charge (orange) & IO13 (blue) LEDs
    • 21x GPIO
    • USB-C
    • APA102 RGB LED (CLK IO45, DATA IO40)
    • ALS-PT19 Ambient Light Sensor (IO14)
    • QWIIC/STEMMA connector
    • Feather format

FeatherS2 Board Layout

Each FeatherS2 currently goes with the release candidate version (RC-0) of CircuitPython 6.0, which includes initial support for the ESP32-S2, as well as most of the ESP32-S2 features.

As newer versions of CircuitPython will be released, users will be able to update FeatherS2 from There is also the early ESP-IDF support for users who prefer coding in C++.

To get all the details about FeatherS2, you can visit the Unexpected Maker website directly.

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