MESH APP for Android

Android APP for ESP-Mesh Smart Light


ESP32&ESP8266 RF Performance Test Demonstration

This guide demonstrates how to run an RF performance tests on ESP8266 and ESP32 devices with an RF tester. ESP-WROOM-02 and ESP-WROOM-32 are used as examples in this document.


Zerynth Studio for ESP32 and ESP8266

Zerynth allows programming IoT and embedded applications using Python & hybrid C/Python language on Espressif devices. It allows the development of professional grade IoT solutions with reduced development time and high scalability;

The Zerynth stack is composed of:

ZERYNTH STUDIO: A powerful IDE and a Toolchain that provides a platform for developing your Python or hybrid C/Python code and managing your boards.



Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for ESP32.

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