Manufacturing-related Service
We offer customized services
to simplify and shorten customer’s manufacturing process significantly.
Customized Flash Contents Programming
Espressif can help to program customers’ firmware images as well as other contents(such as device ID, key, license etc.) into a module’s built-in flash as well as into eFuse(ESP32 only) during the manufacturing process. The manufacturing test firmware as well as the production firmware can be programmed in the flash to simplify and speed up customers’ manufacturing process significantly.
Customized Flash Encryption/ Secure Boot
(Applicable to ESP32 modules only)
As the ESP32 SoC supports flash encryption and secure boot, the customer’s manufacturing process needs to enable these features. Espressif's manufacturing process enables these features and provides the secured modules directly to the customer.
Module Pre-Provisioning Services
(Applicable to ESP32 modules only)
ESP32 modules can be securely provisioned in the factory to program per-device unique certificates and private keys. This enables out-of-the-box connectivity with common IoT clouds that use the X.509 certificate-based authentication.
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